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Enneagram and Marriage

Oct 3, 2022

When we're considering how to glow or even relate with a spouse from a different family pattern than us, we are often called to not only marital or personal but spiritual work as we come across our unhealthy inner scripts. It's wonderful to get to process this topic and to do a spiritual exercise to the depths with Marilyn Vancil, 9, Spiritual Director, Author, and Enneagram teacher as she launches her new book, Beyond the Enneagram. Marilyn has not only been studying the Enneagram for over thirty years but she also has been married to her husband Jeff, Enneagram 3 for over fifty years. Marilyn is truly showing us an exhibition of the glow possible across seasons and her passion for helping people to listen to God, experience inner soul restoration, and enjoy a life of freedom and fullness as their true God-gifted self is seen.
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