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Enneagram and Marriage

Sep 19, 2022

When we begin relationships, we often have no idea how past trauma from the past will affect us in the future, nor do we often know how to address it early on. Today we get to learn how Evan and Tiffany Doyle  (Enneagram 5-2 Pairing) walked through their relationship stages both early on and then later when trauma patterns settled in, as well as how they built trust together. We talk about releasing secrets, dealing with shame and shadows, and shifting systems together in the relationship. Tune in to walk with us through this beautiful and hopeful love story.

Evan and Tiffany's links for the E + M Community: < The ministry Tiffany, Enneagram 2, discusses < Special trust-building resource just for our community from Evan, Enneagram 5!

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