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Enneagram and Marriage

Jun 26, 2023

Often we can make the mistake of completely defining others with unilateral Enneagram stereotypes, further expanding our differences, leaving us not only in the box of our type, but in the shadows of relationships. In this new episode just for you, author and expert Stephanie Spencer invites us into a more adventurous yet intimate journey through our styles of interaction using the broader lens of nature metaphors by type (Did you know, for instance, 4s can be like an iceberg at times as well as an octopus?) Join us as we sit with beautiful photographic concepts for each of us as we venture through the wild together through more connecting lenses of communication for life and marriage. Stephanie also invites us to read her beautiful brand-new hardcover book, Out of the Box and Into the Wild, displaying her and her husband's awesome National Park Adventure pictures, metaphors for each type and triad, and more!

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