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Enneagram and Marriage

Apr 24, 2023

What's preventing you from reaching your goals, from thriving personally, relationally, or at work? It's often so more than just circumstantial, but something you could actually get a handle on by increasing your emotional intelligence quotient with the Enneagram of personality, including your Enneagram instincts, defense strategies, triads, core fears, and more. Scott Allender, Enneagram 3 (3-4 pairing), is here to talk about all of this with us as you take steps to move your life, business, or family into a healthier direction with his deep dive into this truly next-level Enneagram training so you can truly thrive with newfound energy and goals! Tune in to hear about his brand new book, The Enneagram of Emotional Intelligence: A Journey to Personal and Professional Success, and learn with us about how you can truly find your way through the biggest blocks to purposes you're meant for.

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