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Enneagram and Marriage

Sep 25, 2023

Many of us from faith circles have been asked questions about the Enneagram origins and whether they are compatible with a Christian or even logical scientific worldview. Today we take time to process this question in detail with Christa's husband Wes Hardin, MA, who has a degree in biology and philosophy as well as a Master's in Theology from Wheaton College, along with his medical degree as a PA. Join Christa in the interesting conversation with Wes from a historical, faith-centered, and scientific logical viewpoint so you can learn more for yourself and more about how to discuss the Enneagram with intelligence and care in your marriage, faith, and social groups!

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Watch the convo on YouTube here

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You can grab Christa's new book, "The Enneagram in Marriage: Your Guide to Thriving Together in Your Unique Pairing," right here also!