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Enneagram and Marriage

May 22, 2023

Did you feel different when you fell in love? Love does indeed change our brains, and wonderfully, love can even support us with emotional bonding. However, the intensity of love can also have negative effects on the activity within the brain. 

Today on the podcast, we demystify the brain and practically hack our way through the best ways we can allow our thinking and activities to support us in our goals together!

 Join Christa with an exclusive look at how to boost your brain with healthy hacks as we sit at the feet of neuroscientist Dr. Krissy Thomas, Ph.D, Enneagram Three. It's a powerful and fun episode as we dissect the very best ways to boost your joy and life together!

Learn the hacks around:

  • Why & how crying releases endorphins as stress is released
  • The sympathetic & parasympathetic nervous process
  • Dopamine (our feel-good brain chemical)
  • Serotonin (a mood-boosting brain chemical)
  • Oxytocin (a relationship, "love chemical")
  • Endorphins (natural pain relievers for relieving mood)
  • Mirror neurons and how we can help each other
  • Sleep and its housekeeping role for our life and marriage
  • And SO much more!

Show Links:

Watch the live interview with Christa and Dr. Krissy on YouTube!

Visit Dr. Krissy on her fabulous Instagram for regular brain hacks!

Visit Dr. Krissy's website here for more info about her and her life coaching assistance!

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