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Enneagram and Marriage

Sep 20, 2023

When we get busy and overwhelmed in marriage, talking about what’s deep and emotional may feel like the least desirable option. Yet we all know that hiding and stonewalling are the very worst things we can do together, especially during the busiest years with school-aged kids underfoot. Today we talk with Juilliard-trained creative artist and oboist Dr. Meredith Hite Estevez, Enneagram Four, who offers us an invitation to find the depths together safely, helping us not to lose ourselves as we continue to find our best rhythms together. She also talks about her marriage to her type 7 hubby who is the pastor at Kirk on the Hills Church in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Join us for this lilting conversation with this tremendously gifted writer, teacher, speaker, Ivy-league-trained musician, and creative artist Dr. Merideth, and also enjoy her music in the background during her introduction as well so you can find your own joyful rhythms as we connect together here!


Episode music credits: Merideth Hyte-Estevez - oboe Jani Parsons - piano


Find Merideth's beautiful site, podcast, and work here! and for creative (and free!) meet-ups find her popular The Artist's Way group here