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Enneagram and Marriage

Apr 26, 2023

In this "Life" series, you're getting to listen in on the relationship stories of each of the Enneagram types. It's a time for you to experience sitting with an authentic person of each personality type in a very authentic fashion as you join us for a meaningful chat as we finish our last dripping of the Enneagram type series of chats, ending with Christa's hubby Wes today, who helps us learn more about the Type 1! Christa and Wes have shared over twenty five years of growth together and so you're in for a treat as you dive deep with us as we don't shy away from the super big questions you've always wanted to ask a One and all the ways you want and need to grow (and glow!) with a One as well!

Specifically, you will hear about:

Marriage and family with a One

The Way the Compliance/Dependence Stance

Present Orientation from the One perspective

When you feel like your One is super stressed/critical

When a One is working too hard and angry

And more!

 For a Deep Dive on Type One, share here!

Wes and Hannah's special father-daughter project! 

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