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Enneagram and Marriage

Aug 1, 2022

As we pause to reflect on all of the growth of the seasons past, we transition to new spaces with spiritual growth in mind. Christa is joined by author Meredith W. Boggs, Type Eight as we stop for some soul care. Meredith walks us through not only the virtues and essence of each Enneagram type, but also three of the most helpful spiritual practices for each of the Enneagram types as well. As we focus on growth, take a listen to this deep dive into practices you can take into your life, marriage, parenting, and friendships as well. 
Meredith's Resources:

Pre-order the book we covered on this show >> The Journey Home <<

Finding Freedom: Healing Your Enneagram Types Core Wound with the Goodness of the Gospel  >> << and her Instagram is right here!

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