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Enneagram and Marriage

Sep 18, 2023

Although most parents desire a deep relationship spiritually with God, it's easy to leave it behind along with self-care and marriage care during the busiest seasons of the parenting era. Kayla Craig, author, wife, mom of five, and creator of Liturgies for Parents, has comforted thousands of souls with her prolific words on prayerfully parenting together through the very hardest of days. Christianity Today calls Kayla's page an essential parenting resource, and in this interview, we speak not only Enneagram (she and her hubby are an 8-8 couple with differing instinctual stackings), but she's got four kids, including a child who needs extra measures so she truly gets how lost we can be in finding the depths and heights with God when we're literally knee deep in kid messes of all kinds. We get real here on this fun but meaningful podcast. Don't miss this time together, and definitely don't miss Kayla's brand new book, Every Season Sacred that launches into the world this week!

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Kayla Craig's author website and Liturgies for Parents

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