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Enneagram and Marriage

Jun 19, 2023

When you're in an opposites-attract marriage, you've got to be creative to make sure you're moving together in harmony. Today we get to talk to Dove-award winning artist Paul Cardall, whose lilting songs have been downloaded billions of times and graced the stage and airwaves for two decades, even through a heart transplant, about this very thing. Paul is an Enneagram 4 (with high 3 and 8 traits) and his wife Tina has strong 1 and 5 traits. Together they bring expansiveness and a very powerful outreach of love to the world. Today we get to take creative tips from him as he shares a window into the ways they've done that, and the many adventures they've shared along the way.

Show links:

Paul's website (including his sheet music and adventure series!)

Paul's music on Spotify!

Paul's new song, The Shores of Normandy

Watch the episode on YouTube

Paul's Instagram

Tina's Instagram account for healthy eating

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