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Enneagram and Marriage

May 28, 2023

As you kick back a bit from work this opening summer Monday, we hope you take some time to chill during this fun conversation together with author Kate Hallock. As you learn about Kate, her husband, and their process for undertaking the first Enneagram mystery novel, Nine Ways to Die: An Enneagram Murder Mystery, we also have a mystery to solve together right on air! Join us here to examine what type Kate and her husband are for a chance to win a copy of Kate's novel and one of our mystery dinner games!

Post episode: Congrats to winners of the contest @rhhorstman and @annamariereilly for guessing Kate and Adam's types (9 and 5) correctly, as well as to all of the others who did as well (and thanks for playing even if you didn't!! They win one of Kate's brand new Enneagram books and one of our Supper Sleuths Mystery Dinner Games!

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