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Enneagram and Marriage

Aug 9, 2021

Today Christa and Beth McCord explore the Enneagram and relationships together as well as the deeper implications of the Enneagram. How does the Enneagram theory work with someone who's a Christian? Is it a healthy tool spiritually? How can we use it to grow closer to God? Finish out Season 2 with a close chat between Christa and Beth and find your way to grace, balance, and as always more great tools, including Beth's book, Becoming Us.

For a deeper dive into each type as you grow in your faith, check out the E + M personal link to the 40 Day Enneagram Daily Reflections Series edited by Suzanne Stabile, highlighting diverse authors and published by InterVarsity Press (See coupon code for the Enneagram series below)! All links from the podcast are below as well!

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