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Enneagram and Marriage

Feb 13, 2023

As we explore the heart of romance together, one of the most important ways we can connect hearts together is by really understanding the deepest needs of our spouse. As we walk through today's episode with Dani Cooper, certified Enneagram teacher, author, and coach for individuals, couples, and teams, (and 1-6 marriage pairing with her hubby Sean), we get clarifying reminders about what each personality type really ultimately delights in receiving in terms of their deepest needs. Don't miss this heartfelt episode and fun episode even as we gently challenge one another to the most bountiful kinds of love!

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Dani Cooper is a Certified Enneagram Teacher and Coach for individuals, couples and teams.  She is the author of a new book, The Enneagram for Christian Couples, which came out in March 2022.

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Fun videos: Coach Jessica Vangsnes and her husband Travis doing 1990's E + M Love Songs reels!

Wes and Christa Hardin doing a fun Superbowl type by type reel!
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