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Enneagram and Marriage

Feb 27, 2023

In this "Life" series, you don't just get to hear about marriage with each of the types but for you to experience sitting with a person of each personality type as well. Join us for a cup of coffee and convo as we continue to drip out an Enneagram series of chats with each type! Today we are interviewing writer, teacher, and master organizer, Laurie Palau, Enneagram Type 8 of This Organized Life about all the super big questions you've always wanted to ask an Eight as well as a few tips about her very 8 way of bringing clarity and order to a sometimes overwhelmed family with her worldwide business!

You'll learn all about Laurie's major wiring and ways of love with an 8. Specifically, you will hear about:

Marriage and family with an 8

The Aggressive/Assertiveness Stance

Future Orientation of an 8 from an 8

When you feel bulldozed by an 8

When an 8 won't apologize

And more!

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