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Enneagram and Marriage

Jan 24, 2024

When you or your spouse are experiencing mood shifts, don’t forget that between ages 35-55, perimenopause may beat work. Today we talk with Bria Gadd aka “Bria the Period Whisperer” about her specialty of perimenopause as she helps to identify symptoms and also helps to support families through this often foggy period. Here we invite empowering conversation around shifting health rhythms and personal and couple’s empowerment as you remobilize for thriving and rest in perhaps new ways. Bria also reminds us of what we can expect and plan for across a 4-week cycle as well as ways to open up conversation around the sometimes sensitive topic. Whatever your type/or pairing, join us as we walk through whatever the next days and decades hold together in this fun, candid, and grace-filled convo about bringing awareness, normalcy, and love for the ups and downs of ALL of our seasons. Watch on YouTube here!

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