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Enneagram and Marriage

Oct 18, 2023

When we're not honest with our spouse and with God about what's actually going on inside, we bring that darkness and the layers of hiding to our spouses and families. Whether you're hiding from each other because you feel hopeless, angry, hurt, or believe that being honest will drive you even farther away from your goals of connection, this is a MUST-LISTEN episode guiding you and your relationship back to true intimacy. 

Christa is joined by Justin Davis, best-selling USA Today author (Being Authentic is Greater Than Being Perfect: How Transparency Leads to Transformation), Enneagram 8 (8-3 pairing), who joins us to speak of his own marriage and how he increasingly learned the importance of confession, prayer, and bringing secrets from the darkness. If you want a walk closer to humility, authenticity, and integrity, don't miss this episode helping you to draw closer to God and one another in marriage, family, and a healthy community.

Show Notes:

Justin Davis', "Being Real > Being Perfect: How Transparency Leads to Transformation" is right here

Find Justin and Trisha's Refine Us marriage ministry here, where they help couples all over recover from trauma, including infidelity recovery

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