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Enneagram and Marriage

May 10, 2021

You and your spouse are unique surely but when it comes to conflict, we've been learning that every type takes a different route. Learning yours and how to walk together without letting conflict get the best of you is key! Learn about how two heart types, 2 and 3, The Freemans, work together to move past their type issues and conflict styles. The Freemans also co-wrote "The Argument Hangover" and have helped almost a million people find their way back to health with their huge hearts and great tools!

Meet the incredible Freemans @ < and find out about their coaching, courses, and free quizzes! 

3rd annual < Christa will be speaking at the Enneagram & Coffee Summit for the third year in a row, sign up here! < This is the last few days to sign up for the E + M Course. Cart for sign up closes this Thurs 4PM EST

May is breast cancer awareness month: To donate to Michael Shahan, Enneagram therapist and his wife Angie as they battle Angie's breast cancer as a family please find him on PayPal @ write him @ to send encouragement.